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Female fitness model diet is one of the newest fitness diets that have helped many people to maintain their size, shape, metabolism and a perfect body operation. For you to match the female models or celebrities in terms of a good-looking body shape, size , and perfect weight you have to look for the best diets by following some particular dietary principles to obtain their enviable physiques. These are the specific diet rules/principles;

1. Consume Small meals in an increased frequency
Rather than consuming 3 large meals each day, the female fitness model usually consumes smaller and more frequent meals, like 6 meals per day. This has numerous health benefits. First, it helps your metabolism working by consistently burning the excess calories in the food. This will definitely keep the level of calories in your body system low and therefore enhancing your health as opposed to consuming large portions of food that may lead to calorie accumulation in the body system.

2. Consume Correct Proportions of Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates
A female fitness model diet mainly composed of appropriate consumption of proper proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Going by the thumb rule, any daily food needs to compose of 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates, and 30% fat. The proteins helps in for bodybuilding, carbohydrates for energy provision and fats for proper functioning of the metabolism system.

3. Avoid Refined, White Sugar and eat Eat Whole Foods
In this diet, you need to avoid white refined sugar, which often has effects on the functions of insulin in the body. Refined sugar essentially causes hunger body sensations, instead of their satisfaction. Once the levels of blood sugar drops, a lethargy feeling often occurs. Female fitness model diet often allow you to get most of their foods from macronutrients and whole foods. Foods like vegetables, low fat dairy, lean meats, and whole wheat breads offers all the nutrients that the body needs while satisfying hunger.

4. Do Not Skip a Breakfast, or even Any Other Meal
Skipping breakfast is one thing that a female fitness model refuses to practice. This is mainly from the consequences that are associated with this dangerous practice. Some of the consequences are body dehydration, starvation, which might even lead to death. The diet discourages this practice of skipping breakfast.

5 Keep Calorie intake below 1500 per Day
In this diet, you have to make sure that the calorie intake below 1500 per day. This will ensure you maintain a perfect weight. This will definitely ensure that you obtain that perfect weight and shape similar to a female model.

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